CEO: Ulene Chandler 

Hey, My Loves!

 As you all know and if you don’t, I am Ulene. I am a licensed Cosmetologist for 20+ years. Since a teen braiding hair was my forte. Everyone around the neighborhood knew me for styling hair. It was a hobby that turned into a hustle to buy clothes and do back-to-school shopping. By eighteen I was well over 300lbs..which caused a lot of negative attention and eventually health issues around my early 20’s.

I had no choice but to focus more on myself and begin my weight loss journey. During my journey, my crown became my everything. My crown meaning my hair. I would experiment with different hairstyles and colors. Every hairstyle was top-tier! During this process of experimenting with different dyeing my hair, glueing tracks, rocking clip ins.. I began to lose hair. I honestly thought it was genetics, so instead of tampering with my natural hair I started wearing weaves and extensions. It was a game-changer for me! lol The focus was no longer on my weight; it became my crown! Between the choices of having different lengths, colors, textures, and cutting the hair to my desired look ... it truly made me feel more confident than ever.

Each hairstyle brought different personalities out of me and all sorts of spunk!

Wigs became the next phase of the process.

During my time as a Stylist, I encouraged my customers who suffered from hair loss to try extensions and wigs. Knowing what I went through, hearing their thoughts and feelings, It really encouraged me to help with enhancing their beauty, confidence, and  look. I would shop, style, and cut for no extra cost.

Between the smiles, the cries, the hugs, the feedback, and the relationships I have created which are so loving and genuine … that is why I love what I do!

Here at UC Her Styles!

We supply Hair Extensions, Wigs, Lip Gloss, Lashes, Tools and Accessories all for your beauty needs.

We Have Virgin Hair and Raw Hair.

We supply three different qualities of hair: Basic, Premium, and Raw.

 We have items and prices for everyone! 

Basic Hair Quality

  The Basic bundles that come in are inexpensive but can still give great results.

The actual hair quality is the same as the Premium, but you will find a greater ratio of short hairs. The actual bundle weight is the same, but it will still not have an as full appearance.

Minimal Shedding.

This is the perfect hair for someone that is not planning on coloring, not looking to spend a lot, or doing a quick weave install where you are cutting the wefts and not worried about a re-install.

Premium Hair Quality

Our best-selling hair!

This is the exact hair that is sold as the "Brazilian" line of hair on UC Her Styles.

 The ratio of long hairs is strong with the Premium hair. This means there are fewer short hairs in the bundle to give it a fuller appearance.

You can dye this hair, but it's not recommended for colors over a #27 Honey Blonde.  Is it possible, yes? We just don't recommend itPlease see a professional. Minimal Shedding

Raw Hair Quality

The raw hair is sold on UC Her Styles! cost is much more expensive, but you really get what you pay for with this. Unfortunately, it's not as popular as Premium or Basic because of the cost.

This hair can easily color to a #613 or #60 with the proper dying methods of a professional. No Shedding


Beautiful ladies, you do not have to lose yourself because of your hair loss, texture or fullness there are other alternatives. I have gained a boost with Self Esteem, Self-Worth, Confidence, and a New Personality with every type of hair that I have, and you can too!


 The mission is to inspire you to be the greatest version of yourself effortlessly & unapologetically. You are enough!

 "For this reason I am telling you, whatever things you ask for in prayer [in accordance with God's will], believe [with confident trust] that you have received them, and they will be given to you.

                                Mark 11:24


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